Krita 4.4.8-1: Zoom, Panning and Rotation

Hi everyone,

drawing with my Huion Kamvas Pro 20 2019 (GT-1901) in Krita works fine in terms of smoothness and pressure sensitivity. Some of the more complex brushes are laggy but simpler brushes are fast. Fun to work with.

Zoom is not too smooth but OK. Same with panning. Sometimes panning stops working, after several consecutive movements. Need to zoom before another panning is possible.

Rotation is very slow, no continuous movement at all but jumps to a certain angle which take a second or several. My test image contained a few freehand lines only. Interestingly enough, when I load a photo of 200K or even 2.5M it rotates faster but still far from continuously. I managed to crash Krita with rotation, could neither close the application nor shutdown the system.

Is there anything I can do to improve the performance ?

In settings, the checkbox for canvas acceleration is disabled. Renderer is labelled as “unknown”, drop down lists for renderer and scaling are also disabled.
GPU is an Intel UHD Graphics 620, CPU Intel Core i7-8550U

Thank you for any feedback and kind regards!

For starters, if you use intel_extreme driver (check in Screen prefs) see if it performs any better with vesa driver.

Laggy brushes in Krita is a common thing. Google a bit for “tricks” on how to improve the performance of those brushes. I found disabling the stabilizer to help a lot with brushes you would not think they would lag because of it.

Krita uses OpenGL for its canvas and since there is no GPU acceleration yet in drivers that ship with Haiku, it will use software rendering. If possible, try using it on Haiku with a machine with a stronger CPU and see if it performs smoothly. But if this is done within a VM, then there will always be some noticeable latency or general quirkiness related to using the mouse.

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I have a strong cpu, it runs like crap on my machine aswell.

(But then on linux it is also extremely easy to get it to start lagging behind by drawing too fast…)

WonderBrush performs very well in comparison in my experience.

The suggestion to run it on a stronger CPU is primarily due to running it on Haiku, which (for now) only has software rendering for OpenGL. For other platforms with HW acceleration, a stronger GPU would be more beneficial.

Yes, I’m just saying that even with a strong CPU it does not run well on Haiku

Ah, well that’s unfortunate. Guess waiting for HW acceleration may be the only option left. FWIW Krita’s brush engine is far more complex than WonderBrush’s, so that could be adding quite a bit to CPU resources that the canvas also needs on Haiku.

Thank you for your replies!

Regarding the graphics driver, the screen prefs read “Intel Kabylake G2” only, nothing to change here. Here I found a description of blacklisting drivers. Is it that what you have in mind ?

Lagging brushes, at least for me no problem. Even with stabilizer switched off certain brushes are slow, but pencils and simple brushes work fine.

As indicated above, my CPU is Intel Core i7-8550U. Not too up to date I guess but not bad. I installed Haiku on a real, not a virtual machine.

I understand that we have to wait for HW acceleration. Is that anything to expect in the not too far future ?

You can force vesa driver by checking Use fail-safe graphics driver in the bootloader.

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