Keymap Switcher: Caps Lock

On R1/Beta2 x86_64: in Preferences -> Keymap Switcher I choose 2 keymaps: US international and Russian. If I choose the shortcut Shift + Shift, it works as expected. But I actually prefer a simpler shortcut CapsLock (I need to switch my keyboard between US and Russian quite often). And it does not work as expected!
Initially I’m in the US mode. I press CapsLock. It does not switch the keyboard to the Russian keymap, but works as CapsLock: all letters are capital. I press CapsLock the second time. Now it switches the keyboard to Russian, but still in CapsLock mode: I get capital Russian letters. I press CapsLock the third time. It switches the keyboard to US CapLocked: capital latin letters. The last 2 steps then can be repeated indefinitely, and there is no way to quit the CapsLock mode and get small letters in either alphabet (except by using Shift, of course).
Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?