Keymap prefs' "Modifier keys" window

hrev57469 saw some changes to the “Modifier keys” window of the Keymap preferences.
I cannot provoke the window to show any exclamation mark icons, as described in the Userguide. That’s the screenshot:


Mainly, I suppose, because I cannot set identical keys for different roles as the “Set modifier keys” disables in that situation.

The commit message of hrev57469 contains:

Fix _MarkMenuItem() warnings icon check. We should get a yellow warning
icon if your left and right modifiers don’t match (except on Caps Lock).

I don’t quite get the bolded part…

Can anyone produce the yellow warning icon?

Hmm, I can’t seem to get it to appear, either. CC @jscipione.

I noticed this as well that warning is not working. It worked on my development environment but either something got changed or I messed up. I noticed it was not working quite right before either, the warning icons weren’t showing up initially and it wasn’t hiding/showing correctly either. But all those conflict views should be gone now and replaced by the menu field. There must be a small logic error that slipped through somehow. I did change things slightly so maybe I messed up the warning icons somehow.

This is close to what it’s suppose to look like only a little wider and the status icons pushed over a bit more:

For example your left Shift is different from your right Shift. The warning detects AltGr switch on right side which is in many keymaps including the default US International feature. This shouldn’t apply to Caps Lock though since there’s only 1, that was supposed to be part of the fix.

I just noticed the tool tips are working even if the icons don’t.

There are other issues, too. If you set SHIFT for CAPSLOCK, you correctly get the “duplicate keys” error. But if you then revert by choosing CAPSLOCK from the menu, this error is still shown. Using the “Revert” button, however, does remove the error tooltip (+ invisible icon, I presume).

My setting’s like this:


My actual keys for Option is WIN, and for Command is ALT. I suppose the ones after the slash (/Cmd and /Opt) are for Mac keyboard users? I easily get confused in that department…
Adding into my confusion are the warning tooltips (and currently invisible yellow icons) at the Option and Command roles: “Warning: Left and right key roles do not match”.

I guess, that’s because I only have a WIN key and one ALT keys on the left, and an AltGr on the right?
In any case, everything works as expected…

I can make those warnings disappear by setting and re-setting keys using the popup menu, but I’d say that’s the bug described at the top of this post. You have to delete /boot/home/config/settings/Key_map and start from scratch to get those warnings back.