Keyboard shortcuts problems

Earlier I wrote about my problem with modify Alt(Opt) key for shortcuts:

I did some research and find out that there is more problems with those keys. For example in StyleEdit there is a shortcut AltOpt+W, wich actually works like CmdAlt(Opt)+W. I seems to must state that Alt and Opt is the same key and in Haiku is the same as Altgr key.

Another strange things with shortcuts

If in keymap set (on left part) modifying keys like: cntrl—opt(alt)—cmd
than shorcuts in StyleEdit shown as Alt+S (for example);

and if those keys set like: cntrl—cmnd—opt(alt)
than shorcuts in StyleEdit shown as opt+S (for ex.)

Any way in both cases shortcuts works only with command key (not with the double named key alt-opt !)

Lets shortcuts stick to ctrl and cmd keys and opt(alt,altgr) key lets work as 3th level key in all cases like shft key for 2th level.

And again…
Trouble with shortcuts in Haiku:

  1. you can’t use some symbol on keyboard as shortcut if that symbol are not in level 1 of yours keymap (for example you can’t change Traker’s windows view if numbers in yours keymap are in second or third level)
  2. Tracker addons use shows AltOpt for shortcuts, but Opt is Alt (some of it works as Command, which?)
  3. Option key gives access to 3th level of the keymap, and there is a problem with using it for shortcuts.
  4. How to edit Traker’s addon’s shortcut? (The BeOS way not work on Haiku)
  5. In Keymap preference reasigning Menu key to another purpose not working in reality only in preflet (on my keyboard, later I will test this with some another keyboard).