Keyboard shortcut for opening LinkedIn

Microsoft has apparently introduced keyboard shortcuts in Windows to open Office apps and LinkedIn, as discovered by The Verge:

In response, KDE has opened a draft merge request to also have the same shortcut included by default:

Participants from GNOME, Fyra Labs, Budgie, and Flatpak have also voiced interest in there in addition to proposing a LinkedIn portal for xdg-desktop-portal.

This is evidently and rapidly becoming an essential must-have feature for all desktops. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hereby kindly propose that Haiku also implement this keyboard shortcut by default. Of course in true Haiku fashion, the shortcut should be Alt + Shift + Ctrl + Opt + L instead of Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Opt + L as this is more ergonomic and consistent with the rest of the shortcuts. Besides being able to instantly interact on the premier professional social network and be more p r o f e s s i o n a l, implementing the LinkedIn shortcut allows for immediate stress-testing of WebPositive the moment Haiku starts up.


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I’ve opened (and closed) accounts on LinkedIn twice. I don’t advocate its use due to it’s prying AI’s nature and due to being owned by Microsoft, my biggest enemy.

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To avoid accidental typing, could this be changed to

Alt + Shift + Ctrl + Opt + L + T ? :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I don’t think we should include key combinations to any commercial services by default.
You can of course set up a key combination to open LinkedIn with WebPositive (or any other available browser) quite easily in the keyboard shortcut preferences.


Wait, this is satire, right? Sorry that I didn’t get that at first sight :wink:


Strange desire, useless!

In case people were taking this post seriously: this tag at the end means “end of sarcasm” and so the whole thing is a joke. Well, at least I sure hope it is…


It originally didn’t have that, hoping that people would recognise it as not being serious. But well, it got taken seriously at first so it had to be added. :upside_down_face:

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Yepp … and soon someone asks for Tinder support –
at the bottom of touchpad
to locate a paging area for that RIGHT and LEFT choices …
… activated by { UP arrow } + mouse Right burron click
deactivated by { DOWN arrow } + mouse LEFT burron click


Yes, your suspicion is real :
It’s satirical - <|8D

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By the way, if you want the LinkedIn shortcut in Haiku you can easily add it yourself in Shortcuts preferences, just have it launch WebPositive with the linkedin URL as an argument.

That says something about Haiku being appropriately configurable instead of hardcoding things :sunglasses:

Also, it’s sad that Microsoft recently stopped manufacturing keyboards. They could have added a special LinkedIn key there so people don’t have to use such a complicated shortcut needing 8 fingers!


In saner times, this would be an easy to spot April fools news item. :crazy_face:
I wish we could go back to these times…


But with +H and instead it goes to :slight_smile:

Very funny to waste time like this!
Nice to have that kind of humor here on Haiku!
We should look for more funny things like this, to make Haiku even more attractive!

We need more posts like this to make waiting for Haiku R1 a joke!

EDIT: /s

Hey, it is sad you didn´t like the joke. Sometimes a thing that gets funny in one language doesn´t make sense to others But this still is something better than the other unfruitful and inadequate discussions that appear here sometimes.

Also, that also points to some relevant discussions : what kind of “thing” are some others OSs becoming for the idea of this kind of shortcuts ( and most of the other changes in Windows and Linux) to even be accepted ?

There is some problem with me …

I was red your post first time as if someone is happy to have humorous post on Haiku forum - my eyes were not , but my mind blurry or non-concentrated and if there’s no RogFanther’s sobering text I would have remain in my happy misunderstanding - believing the opposite than you wrote about literally.

Anyway my analyzing sensor also faulty as I took the opening post bloody seriously …
I can slip such stuff about MS , Apple , ‘sweet’ Meta , Google , etc. anything foolish as deadly real deal … based on their past non-sensical manners and activities …

So I have some problems lately … it seems

It’s time to sing with Freddy …

:notes: “… I’m going slightly maaad …” :musical_note:

It also reminds me of how, when Windows 98 was announced and one of the big new features was ActiveDesktop, Be developers added replicant support to NetPositive and embedded it on the desktop as well, telling to Microsoft “that is your Big New Feature? It took us just an afternoon to implement it!”