Keyboard and Mouse Issues

Downloaded the ISO and tried it on a computer I have here at home. It boots up to the desktop and I get a mouse cursor but it doesn’t t move and the keyboard doesn’t work and no icons load and it appears to be locked up. Any suggestions? It’s a Dell OptiPlex 7040.

Keyboard and mouse work fine in BIOS. I tried switching it to AHCI to see if that would help but it didn’t. Tried different USB ports on the front and rear also. I’m going to redo my install media to see if that helps.

You said the mouse works in the BIOS? Most BIOS versions I’ve seen don’t use a mouse unless it’s new enough for UEFI firmware. Try rEFInd if that’s the case. A search of this forum should reveal a similar thread to yours if you use “rEFInd” as a search term. There should be more complete instructions on the other thread.

Well 64 bit image worked fine. I was trying to boot 32 bit so I can play around with GoBe Productive but oh well. 64 bit it is.

Why would reFind matter? we have a working efi loader. reFind can’t boot haiku, it only boots our loader.

Unless you are dual booting this is needless indirection. (especially because this efi firmware is capable enough to even let you add entries to loaders right in the firmware GUI)

Ok. I thought the default config worked only with BIOS and rEFInd worked with UEFI. It seemed like something else to try that the original poster hadn’t tried. Sorry.

Well, you still need to add the loader manually unfortunately, but other than that it works.

Optiplex 7010 works great both with Haiku 64bit and 32bit.
EFI does not work well on this machine, please make sure you use Legacy BIOS mode: Settings->General->Boot Sequence->Boot List Options->Legacy.
I clearly remember that I have issues while booting from a USB stick. I already had an SSD with a full installation of Haiku and started from there.
You can have 64bit and 32bit on two different partitions but you need to install the boot manager.

So, if understood well… On same hardware, you have tried 64 bit with success but 32 bit gets you to a nude desktop (blue screen?) with dead mouse and keyboard.
Did you make these tests with a recent nightly (which hrev?) or beta3?
Did you boot in UEFI or legacy mode?
IIRC Haiku 64 bit UEFI loader can only boot 64 bit Haiku and Haiku 32 bit UEFI loader can only boot 32 bit Haiku. So, it is important to replace it when you switch.

I have the 7010 (two of them) and used efi exclusive boot for both of them with Haiku.

What is your issue with efi mode on that machine?

It simply does not find any suitable boot partition and goes to PXE booting (assuming there is no bootable dvd or USB stick). No error message whatsoever

Beginning of last month, hrev56167 fixed few UEFI problems, if you tested before that, it could worth another try.

I was booted into Legacy BIOS mode when I got the cursor on the screen that didn’t move. I’m just happy that 64Bit Haiku was able to boot on the machine without the same issue.

I have tested again two days ago…

If 64bit boots fine and 32bit hits the desktop but with not working mouse and keyboard, I suspect it’s not a boot loader problem. I would wipe the 32bit out and start from scratch.

Before that I would recommend to save the syslog and file a ticket with as many details as possible.

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