Keybinding screen brightness

I’d like to know if there is a possibility to have a keybinding associated to the keys ⛭+ and ⛭- for screen brightness.

I know there is a command “screenmode -b +/-amount” to do this but I don’t know how to register the binding to those keys.


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I meant to those specific keys…
let me show you a keyboard:photo_2019-10-27_18-16-56

Do you see the volume, well that key is not a Function (F1…) key, so as there are multimedia keys there are also keys with brightness function. I’d like to bind the brightness to those keys

to be more clear:

There was some development recentl to support the multimedia keys, but i can’t recall the details. You could check the sources and or the gerrit instance at

Happy to hear that :slight_smile: thank you

It’s not done yet, so no, you can’t use these keys for now.

By default, there’s no multimedia key support (far as I know, anyway) but you can map the keys manually in Shortcuts in Preferences. Obviously, it’ll work a bit differently with modifiers than just pressing one key at the top of the keyboard, but I hope this helps!