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I’ve been circling around Haiku, but Haiku keeps failing my basic requirements (sshd/SMB/VMTools), so every once in a while I try and see if it has gotten better. Since this is about the website.

Warning: this applies to VMWare Fusion on Mac.

Has any of the maintainers actually ever tried to use the instructions for setting up sshd? Do a clean install, follow the website: on my vmware workstation it fails.

Notice: there is no section in the configuration file ssh_config or sshd_config that has “PermitRootLogin”. If you add this lines you will be rewarded with errors like port 22 connection refused or a three error code where secure shell says you are not allowed to login with the keyboard. Searching for the meaning of these errors on on sshd itself doesn’t really give a solution.

VMWare tools. Mouse is not released when trying to leave the window. Connecting to shared folders and trying to open (double click) a file in the shared folder gives a kernel panic (SMAP violation). Trying to copy folder (drag and drop) freezes (hangs) a machine.

Bottom line, instructions on the website should work, these don’t. I can understand the communty wanting to go forward, add new features, but the basics should work and these instructions don’t enable the basics. If a feature is unmaintained or broken, then remove the instructions that don’t work or remove the broken functionality.


Please open a ticket for functionality that does not work for you. sshd works fine for me.

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vmware_fs driver is known to be unstable:

In this ticket there is a link to GitHub - trungnt2910/open-vm-tools: Official repository of VMware open-vm-tools project which is a FUSE driver and should work much better.

:+1: Exactly my point. In the depot, there is a broken version, that shouldn’t be used. Outside of the depot there is a version that people should build for them selves.

I understand that the Haiku community lives because a few developers want to spend time creating code or fixing broken stuff. I also understand that people would consider it not their priority or job, so they ignore it. Not even to mention: maitaining code from people that have left the community is hell.

If you want to prevent new users from getting frustrated, then exclude broken stuff, because people expect it work if its in the depot. If it then hangs your system, that gives a really bad impression. Thats why I would suggest: remove it. Broken and not working gives another impression than missing.

But it will only known to be broken if people tell of it.

So, could you open a ticket in the bugtracker, so that it can be looked into, and decided if fix or remove ?

Yes, broken stuff should not be shipped in haikudepot. That is exactly why I told you to report a bug, it doesn’t help to complain on the forums because relevant devs won’t see it. especially for haikuports (there it is a very simple change to disable a broken recipe, and this is done if it is broken if you open a bug for it)

Note that haikuports issues currently (sadly) belong on github.

At the very least, if something is functional enough to be in HaikuDepot but has a known problem then it needs to be flagged/identified in some way so that people who want to avoid it can.

Moving stuff in and out of the repository based on it’s current status will probably just confuse people that aren’t familiar with the specific matter.

@Roland007 You might want to emphasize that “warning” a bit more visibly, possibly by making the text bold.

Maybe we should disable it for now and mark it as untested untill the crashes are resolved, PS @Roland007 it would be nice to open a ticket at haikuports for this also and link it to the issue linked by @Diver .

We should disable vmware_fs, not the recipe.

Thanks for the correction, something for HaikuArchives then :slight_smile:

I mean we can disable it in the recipe itself.

Me like … focus man! :wink: should look first reply later :rofl: