KDL crash when installing anything via pkgman

Has anyone seen this issue before? This is on the latest nightly revision as of today (8/5/23).

It seems to be a new one relative to your net driver. You can search here if you find a similar ticket. In this case, add a comment and vote for the ticket. Otherwise, have a look there and open a ticket on Trak.

I am betting this is actually related to the ipro1000 hang, and probably also caused by the GCC upgrade.

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Or maybe not, seeing as the ipro1000 hang doesn’t appear to be reproducible for me.

I see this is happening on a VM. What VM software are you using, with what sort of configuration? Can you capture a serial log of the problem?

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I am running Haiku within Hyper-v. This particular issue seems to have been temporary as it went away later that day.

jmairboeck just opened a ticket for this same bug on hrev57208. Is it still working on your side? If not, you should vote for this ticket.