KDevelop mention Haiku in its release note for version 5.3 beta 1

KDevelop released KDevelop 5.3 beta 1.

In the release notes they wrote

Support for other platforms

KDevelop is written with portability in mind, and relies on Qt for solving the big part there, so next to the original “unixoid” platforms like Linux distributions and the BSD derivatives, other platforms with Qt coverage are in good reach as wel, if people do the final pushing. So far Microsoft Windows has been another supported platform, and there is some experimental, but maintainer-seeking support for macOS. Some porters of Haiku, the BeOS inspired Open Source operating system, have done porting as well, building on the work done for other Qt-based software. For KDevelop 5.3 the small patch still needed has been applied to KDevelop now, so the Haiku ports recipe for KDevelop no longer needs it.

KDevelop is already in the HaikuDepot, currently still at version 5.2.2. It will be updated to 5.3.0 once the release has happened.


Now that’s great news! :smiley: It feels great when the developers of a project as big as KDE do the extra effort required to make it easier for other developers to build the software on other platforms.

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It’s always nice to see larger software projects ported to Haiku, first webkit now LibreOffice and KDevelop etc… it says alot when your OS is stable enough to run large software projects.