Just realised how resource efficient Haiku really is

I just install a dump load of apps from haiku deport and found out that my 10GB virtual hardrive only be used merely 4GB, that’s really impressive I don’t think you can get this thing on any OS even the light weight linux.


It’s probably a positive trade off of the package management… which now has compressed packages. The packages also handle small files better than BFS directly would as well I imagine.

Memory usage is slightly higher than it was though so you can’t boot on older machines under 128-256MB ram or so yet…

I think some recent change made it possible to boot again with 256MB (kernel was caching data 2 or 3 times). There is still room for improvement.

The installer doesn’t work with that little though I was just testing… I can boot with as little as about 190Mb (182Mb used after install).

To install requires about 384Mb or so… I tried booting with 300Mb and the installer ran out of memory halfway though.

I see no logical reason why that should be the case, so hopefully more fixes like what mmu_man has worked on could fix this. I have a lot of interest in improving the performance and efficiency of Haiku so I will also look at this when I can.


That would be great, I have a Dell Inspiron 3800 with 256 MB of RAM that I wanted to try Haiku on, but it couldn’t even boot the install media completely; it kept hanging right before it got to the desktop…