Just a question?

Why is the unzipped download of the current haiku.image from the “Haiku Build Factory” 15 mb larger than the one from Haikuhost.com. Also are the extra files on the Build factory “jam packages” included in the haiku.image?


Well, that’s actually 2 questions:

  1. I’m guessing that one of the two has set an alternate size for the image in the UserBuildConfig - I’ll check with Sikosis next time I see him online to see if the build factory has increased this slightly. This is sometimes a good idea to do to provide a little extra space on the image for copying extra files. The extra space is probably just blank though.

  2. The build factory jam packages are meant to be R5 packages for drivers, etc. that are in the Haiku repo. Most of those drivers SHOULD already be in the image, if they build for Haiku and are stable. There is no guarantee though.

I really think it should be made a little more obvious that these are R5-specific packages (maybe changing the name of them)

Thanks… so the haiku-usb_scsi-cvs.zip file would replace the one from bebits that was taken out of dano?

I’m honestly not sure about that package.

It appears that’s probably the usb_scsi bus driver created by Siarzhuk Zharski originally for R5 and subsequently committed to the Haiku repo (many of his USB-related drivers are in Haiku now):


I’m not sure it can replace anything in R5/Dano by itself. It should be available on bebits though (Probably part of Siarzhuk’s USB Storage Module):


Sikosis and I have been having problems with the mirroring process between the Build Factory and HaikuHost. The FTP has been timing out/hanging, so I’m assuming the one at HaikuHost is incomplete due to that.

Just checked it, and yup I get an “Unexpected end of file error” from the HaikuHost image. I’ll remove it for now, and it will be updated during the next build.