July 2020 Activity Report | Haiku Project

Welcome to the July, 2020 Activity Report for the Haiku project!

This report covers hrev54370 through hrev54484.

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Thank you dogcow for your July 2020 report, lots of fixes, lots of work has been done again. Great work to all involved, thank you for making Haiku better… it is so usable these days that I wonder what will come after you reached R1…

My WACOM pen is working nice even with presure in Krita and Wonderbrush (32bit).
I bought a Sound Blaster Live CT 4820 (10.-Euro) which works nicely on 64bit Haiku nightly.

Thanks for the great summary! :+1:

One tiny suggestion for your next one (wink, wink :wink: ): linkify the Trac ticket numbers for quick access if people are interested in the details of a bug.

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@kallisti5 do the changes to EFI now enable booting on 32 bit x86 EFI systems? Or only booting 32 bit kernels on 64 bit EFI? Thanks!

@Munchausen Hi! The changes were around supporting loading 32-bit kernels in general. (so the arm EFI bootloader could load the 32-bit arm kernel). Our current EFI code had 64-bit assumed in a lot of places.

Nothing really has been done towards x86 EFI support (yet), but this definitely opens the door a bit further.

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Thanks. Good to see it moving forwards. Keen to try it out on an x86 EFI machine here some day!