jdTextEdit - A advanced Text Editor

I ported my Text Editor to Haiku. It has features like Syntax Highlighting, Session Restore, Macros, Bookmarks, Plugins and more. You may want to try it out.


pkgman install python38 pip_python38 pyqt5_python38 qscintilla_python38 requests_python38 chardet_python38
pip3.8 install jdTranslationHelper EditorConfig
git clone https://gitlab.com/JakobDev/jdTextEdit.git

Just run python3.8 jdTextEdit.py to start it.

The Spell Checker does not work at the Moment because pyenchant is not working. Just ignore the error on startup.


Why not a link to the apolication menu?

Very nice, i use in windows notepad++ and this is nice feature rich editor too i go try it. I am not very familiar with python i am c++ and phper this dont need compile? and one question does this have syntax cheeker Like {} and so?

i cant’ install that on 32 Bit. i use follwing syntax
pkgman install python38 pip_python38 pyqt5_python38 qscintilla_python38 requests_python38 chardet_python38 pip3.8 install jdTranslationHelper EditorConfig

and get this error:
*** Failed to find a match for “python38”: Name not found
Can you create a package?

You can use HPKG Creator to create a package.

On 32bit Haiku it is python38_x86 instead of python38 and qscintilla_x86_python38 instead of qscintilla_python38. The other package names and commands are the same.

EDIT: check out my reply to JakobDev as well.

I had to edit jdTextEdit.py and change the shebang to python3.8 instead of python3. python3 pointed to Python 3.7 which I also had installed. (on 64bit Haiku that was)
On 32bit Haiku I also had to do this, there was no python3 at all, only python3.8.

Looks like a neat editor, will take a closer look at it in the next few days.

How can I do that?

Python is a interpreter language, so it doesen’t need to compile. jdTextEdit has no syntax checker. It’s a general Text Editor which support a lot of languages, so it would be hard to support all. jdTextEdit supports the execution of external commands, so you can add your own checker.

Thank you for correcting the packages for 32bit. I had fixed the launch command in the first post, so there is no more need to change the shebang.

In the haiku package guides are something like this too

But i does not know the link on how to solve in recipe on git

Very nice. Would be great to have this packaged up and available in HaikuDepot. I’m low on time this week, but otherwise happy to help.

For packaging up a Python GUI app as a Haiku package I think https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/tree/master/media-sound/picard is a good example.

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I will try to create a recipe for HaikuPorts but first I have to create recipes for the libs that are not in HaikuPorts.


use the #Haiku channel on IRC for fast help from other developer or here.

It’s been a while since I’ve actively run Haiku on my hardware (been hopping around playing with other operating systems) but leave it to a quality text editor to make me come back. I’ll give it a go once I have time to sit down and re-image my old laptop.

jdTextEdit is now in HaikuDepot!

@rebornjumpman I hope jdTextEdit will meet your expectations.


jdTextEdit is now a few days out for Haiku, so it would be nice to hear your thoughts about it.

Here is jdTextEdit page just in case https://depot.haiku-os.org/jdtextedit

It’s strange, because I still didn’t see it in the 32 bit repo:

but if I check the link to the web version of HaikuDepot, I see it in the 32 bit repo:

Maybe use pkgman install jdTextEdit?

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Indeed, the build failed on 32bit https://build.haiku-os.org/buildmaster/master/x86_gcc2/?buildrunDir=1184&viewMode=expanded

jdTextEdit should now be available in the 32-bit repo.


I had write a Documentation how to help translating jdTextEdit. Would be nice if some people could translate jdTextEdit in their own languages.

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