Issues with pkgconfig while trying to compile

I’m trying, with some help, to compile libretro/RetroArch for Haiku, but I’m stuck with a pkgconfig error. There seems to be no way to make it find pkgconfig. Could anyone take a look at this?

~/libretro/libretro-super/RetroArch> ./configure
Checking operating system … Win32
Checking for suitable working C compiler … /boot/develop/tools/gnupro/bin/gcc
Checking for suitable working C++ compiler … /boot/develop/tools/gnupro/bin/g++
Checking for availability of switch -std=gnu99 in /boot/develop/tools/gnupro/bin/gcc … yes
Checking for availability of switch -Wno-unused-result in /boot/develop/tools/gnupro/bin/gcc … yes
Checking function bcm_host_init in -lbcm_host … no
pkg-config not found. Exiting …

I was following the Linux instructions here:

There’s also a thread here concerning porting to Haiku:


You need to install haikuports (see and use that to install pkgconfig.

Also note that if the system uses autotools it’s a good idea to run libtoolize -fci and then autoreconf before trying to run configure. It shouldn’t be detecting that you’re using win32 as OS… this suggests that something will break later on.

Also also, do setgcc gcc4 before you start for best compatibility with modern source code.

Also also also, see for common problems porting stuff.

Also also also also, join the IRC channel, you will find helpful people in there.