Issues with DefaultQueryTemplates

A DefaultQueryTemplate I created doesn’t seem to be picked up. To refresh your memory, see the section of the User Guide’s Attributes Workshop.

I created a folder at ~/config/settings/Tracker/DefaultQueryTemplates/ called application_x-feed-entry for @jaidedcd’s Pogger. I adjusted the folder’s columns to show Status, Description, Feed, When.

Only, when querying for “Feed entry” && “New”, I don’t get the results in the intended column layout, but one showing Name, Location, Size, Modified. Weird, because I don’t have a DefaultQueryTemplate showing “Location” at all…

FileTypes prefs correctly shows the application/x-feed-entry type.
As a test, I created another DefaultQueryTemplate for audio/mpeg. That one works and a query for MP3s shows the defined attribute columns.

Any ideas anyone?

Kinda solved the issue…

When I first tried Pogger, its files used the MIME type text/x-feed-entry. @jaidedcd later agreed with my suggestion to use application/x-feed-entry instead.

For some reason, that text/x-feed-entry seems to still hang around somewhere (though I removed all old Pogger binaries), because my DefaultQueryTemplate does indeed work when I rename it to text_x-feed-entry.

Still strange…

“When I rename it to application/x-feed-entry”, you mean?

Nothing to do with:
@jadedcd later agreed with my suggestion to use application/x-feed-entry”?

I am a bit confused!
And, yes I saw the difference (“/”)

The MIME type of the feed entries changed from text/x-feed-entry to application/x-feed-entry. As explained in the linked User Guide section, the folders used for DefaultQueryTemplates are named after the MIME type, with slashes replaced with underscores.

Are you on the commit that changed “text/x-feed-entry” to “application/x-feed-entry”? If that’s the case, this shouldd be fixed by updating― I accidentally left one mention of “text/x-feed-entry” in there, for file creation. Fixed it in the latest commit.

I’m totally uptodate with the “Add deskbar replicant” commit. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can try and see if it works for you. Show some custom attributes in /boot/home/feeds/, then:

mkdir -p /boot/home/config/settings/Tracker/DefaultQueryTemplates/application_x-feed-entry
open /boot/home/config/settings/Tracker/DefaultQueryTemplates/application_x-feed-entry

Now copy/paste the attributes from the the feeds folder to the new template folder and do a query on new feed entries.

If it doesn’t work try again, this time create the text_x-feed-entry template folder.

I’m stumped then, haha. A default application/x-feed-entry template seems to work on my end.

OK, then at least it’s just my borked system… :slight_smile:

Additional weirdness:

  • When I just tried again (after a reboot) even the text_x-feed-entry template folder wasn’t picked up. Renamed to application_x-feed-entry, still no go. Renamed back again: works!
  • Initiating the query from the Replicant, doesn’t use the template, no matter what it’s named.

Wish I knew what and how my system got borked…