Issues with Beam

I grabbed Beam from Haiku and added my email IMAP account, it connects, I can see my folder list inside my IMAP account. When I go to download messages, they are all 0 bytes, no subject or sender either. Beam shows an error message: Could not find any header-fields in this header

Any ideas? It’s an iCloud IMAP account, not a GMail.

Check if that hasn’t been reported here already.
Since their time is limited, it is understandable that Haiku devs prefer to improve Mail app instead but Beam needs some love and it hasn’t been updated for a while. Though there’s a lot to do and maybe it isn’t worthy either…

Thanks, in the meantime I will play around with the built in mail app.

Well Haiku’s built in Mail was able to retrive my messages but it can’t send due to no SSL/TLS for SMTP.

I tried MailNews from Haiku Depot and was able to get something going. I’ll file a bug report for Beam.

It supports TLS fine, unfortunately you have to turn it on explicitly in the account settings of mail (the option is called SSL but it supports TLS just fine)

I see the SSL setting now but it made no difference. It’s got something to do with the ESMTP then. I take that back, no TLS :slight_smile: M ailNews is set to TLS and to send my username/password and it works fine.

I have the same issues with my iCloud account. Beam casts a lot of cryptic errors: “Could not find any header-fields in this header”. :expressionless:
Built-in mail client works with inbound messages but not outbound. Does anyone know where to find an error log?

Yes, you can check the output of mail_daemon like this.

launch_roster stop # Disable system mail_daemon service
/system/servers/mail_daemon # Launch the daemon attached to the STDOUT of your terminal
launch_roster start # start the system service again

As a side note If anyone knows how to turn off the broken post processing of discuss like randomly turning the shell commands into italics or replacing random emoticons with broken smileys that would be neat to know.

The posts are in markdown, so you can put things in code blocks if needed.

You can use `single backquotes` to do it inline

You can use single backquotes to do it inline

If you use a multiline code block you can force a “language” for the syntax highlighting by putting it just after the backticks:


 This is a block of plaintext


This is a block of plaintext


This is a block of C code
int main(void) { ... }


//This is a block of C code
int main(void) { ... }