Issues on Dell Latitude D400


I have a major issue on my Dell Latitude D400 (Centrino, Intel onboard video).

First when i boot into Haiku at the end of the loading bar (the little icons who pop up) i must press the key to switch to an external display to get into the Haiku desktop. (Fn + F8)

And when i am on the Haiku desktop, the screen is not centered. And the top of the screen shows a thumbnails : 4 screens which show the boot loading…

I try to change the resolution but it did nothing. I also tried the safe video mode but it still the same. The driver seems to be correctly installed because it is Intel Accelerate driver.

Anyone have a clue ?

Sorry for my poor English.


which version are you attempting to boot ?

Alpha 2? Try a haiku nightly image:

I think you’re having a graphics issue. You must choose both: fail-safe video + a resolution. One or the other by itself may not work properly.

Yes it is R1/Alpha 2 Rev 36769.

I use the fail-safe mode (VESA) and i choose the resolution and it works ! Thanks a lot !

So the issue seems to be caused by the Intel Extreme Graphics driver (i855g).

By the way do you know how i can set the fail safe mode by default on boot ?

I will play around to see if sound, ethernet and wifi are detected.

Thanks again :wink:

you should try a nightly, about 3 weeks ago I saw some commit regarding the intel drivers.

To set VESA mode you create a vesa text file. Or you can just delete the intel_extreme driver and that will force VESA mode instead when booting.

My onboard Intel 945G had issues with Alpha 2. A bug was fixed later on and the Intel driver was working for me in the nightly.