Issue with Preferences > Appearances

So I’m using alpha 4, and I thought I’d go into Preferences > Appearances and change the color of that most prominent feature, the title bars. I pick a color and…nothing happens. I close the Appearances window, and still nothing happens. The title bars are still the same color. So then I reopen Preferences > Appearances to check again, and lo and behold, this new window has the new color for its title bar. But all the other windows haven’t changed. So I open some more new windows and programs, and yes, they all have the new color.

So apparently, changing colors in Appearances doesn’t change any existing windows, just new windows opened after the change. While that in itself could lend itself to some creative displays (change colors, open a window, change colors, open another window, etc.), it’s bad user design to not acknowledge the preferences change or at least confirm that the colors have, in fact, been changed.

Of course, I suppose this could already be a known issue, but I thought I’d mention it here, anyway.

Might be better off opening a ticket for this as a bug/enhancement?

Well, sure, but I want to make sure it’s an actual, general issue, and not merely some fluke with my own system/setup. Did you try it to see if the same thing happened to you?