Issue with mounting new drive in VM VirtualBox

I added a new .vdi disk to my Haiku VM to increase size and be able to build and run haiku packages. It mounted the new drive at /VBOX HARDDISK path.

Now running cmd ../configure --cross-tools-source ../../buildtools --build-cross-tools x86_64 throws error

configure: error: path to source, /VBOX HARDDISK/buildtools/binutils, contains spaces

To fix above, I tried to unmount and mount at a different path ( “/NEW_MOUNT”):

mount /dev/disk/ata/0/slave/raw /NEWMOUNT

It got mounted but it doesn’t list my repos. It’s an empty mount now. Is there a way to rename “volume name” to make it without spaces?

Update: Looks like while formatting we can set name to volume. Using that, I renamed it without spaces.