[Issue] boot problem, partition unrecognizable

Dear Haiku community, I would like to use our OS in my desktop.
I’ve tryed to format with BeFS my hard disk, but when I finish the process (using a live USB), the partition is unrecognized by the bootman, even the Drive Setup.

I have a SATA disk, in a Intel motherboard, with a Realtek ethernet card (Haiku-compatible). My soundcard is a HDAudio, works pretty good.

I’ve used GNU Linux and FreeBSD in the same PC, but in FreeBSD I have no sound (but in Haiku, that soundcard works well)

Do you mean you have used DriveSetup to initialize a BFS volume and the Installer to copy all the system files? That process went without any errors?

Does your computer use MBR or EFI boot system?

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I format the HDD with the installer, without any errors, but later I checked with Drive Setup and the partition is unrecognizable.

That PC uses UEFI.

Well, you must have formatted the HDD with DriveSetup, maybe launched from inside Installer. Did you choose a filesystem during that process? If so, was it the Be File System?

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I just installed GNU Linux, I’m tired and I will wait some months after a new format.

Thanks for your feedback, the next time I will document more efficiently my experience with Haiku.

That is very strange, note the process to format a drive in Haiku goes like this.

  1. If you want’ to use the whole drive, initialize the MBR, otherwise make sure you have an avaiable partition, make it a primary partition to be on the safe side (I think haiku supports extended partitions but haven’t tried and it’'s obviously less tested).
  2. Create a BeFS partition.
  3. Format the BeFS partition… note you have to format it after creating it unlike some other systems were it is automatically formatted after creation.
  4. Then from the Installer select it from the dropdown to 'install to. If it doesn’t show up in the drop down then you didn’t complete one of the above steps, or there is a bug.

I used the Installer and I’ve format with BeFS, but later the Drive Setup show the partition as unrecognizable

I followed every step, but in step 4 the partition is unrecognizable

Screenshot maybe? Posting a syslog make be useful also.

Oh, I just formatted with GNU Linux, I gave up with Haiku, at least for some months.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I needed to use that PC faster than I Thought

Thanks again

No problem, but don’t expect this bug to get fixed if we can’t reproduce your issue as we are kind of flying blind on this end… Untill we can get concrete info on what’s going on.


I agree. In some months I’ll be here, taking more seriously my effort to help Haiku.

Thank you