Hi, I opened this issue some time ago. The last note in there from a developer states that he, the dev, would need a sys log with the PS/2 driver compiled with debug. I left a note saying I would be willing to get the log, but I am not able to compile things myself… and that is where it sits. I can get around my issue most of the time by using the “ctrl” button to get a “left” mouse click. But this doesn’t always work. Launch Box for example refuses to bring up a context menu this way. I also suspect some other issues I have had are related. I am more than willing to do what I can on my end to get this resolved. But, I really need some help from a developer. Please.

Ticket 15188

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It is pretty easy to build a driver with tracing enabled, and I or someone else can do that and get it to you, but @pulkomandy was the one to comment on that ticket before, so things may depend on whether he has time to investigate the results of the tracing or not.

Hmm, actually it might be trickier than I initially thought, because the PS/2 driver is split up in some interesting ways. It may be easier to rebuild all of haiku.hpkg.

Are you sure you cannot build it yourself? Someone can walk you through it. That may be easier than trying to send around a rather large custom build of haiku.hpkg…

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I am more than willing to give it a try. But, I will need some pretty killer instructions. I figure if I can help get this fixed it will not only benefits me but others with track pads.

Well, if you can manage to join the IRC/Matrix channels, that would make things easier, as there are a number of us on there who could carefully walk you through it. Otherwise, I or others can try to give specific instructions here.

It’s been ages and ages since I used IRC. I was able to sign up with Matrix and I am pretty sure I found the right channel for Haiku. No one was there at the time though. I am off work on Friday and I will try during to log in there during daylight hours. If that fails… then there is always plan B… or C. Thanks for you assistance. Hope I am able to help get this accomplished.

I think the activity has increased on Matrix/IRC, lots of people are online any time of the day :slight_smile:

I thought our nightly builds had trace switch on? If not wouldn’t that be a choice?

No, tracing is enabled case by case on each driver. In the case of PS/2, it logs several lines to the syslog at every mouse move, making the system completely unusable. And that’s just enabling it for one single driver. If you enabled it by default for everything, it would take a few hours to boot, and the syslog would fill your disk before you get to the desktop.


What would happen if you disable tracing?
Do not use syslog?

Edit: How to disable input tracing?
If I move the mouse the process controller will go up 30 percent only when moving it…

new debug log attached. Thank you to @waddlesplash for all the help downloading, configuring and building haiku.hpkg. It was an adventure. I really hope the information in the logs can help fix this issue for me and anyone else who may be having it.