Is there any way to change Yahoo Mobile to Yahoo Desktop in WebPositive?

I use Yahoo mail for my email, but In WebPositive, Yahoo loads the Mobile version. Is there any way to get it to load the Desktop version? I’ve scoured the internet and found solutions but they were for Firefox and Opera browsers. There is no option on the Yahoo page to switch between Mobile and Desktop. The Mobile version is very annoying, so often I just reboot into Linux to check my email, but that’s inconvenient and I’d rather just use Haiku all the time. Thanks for any help.

Just figured out a solution, for anyone else who has the same problem. Go to Yahoo “Home”, then “My Yahoo”, then click “Desktop” where it says “Switch To Mobile | Desktop”. I went back to “Mail” and it was now the Desktop version. Bookmarked it, rebooted Haiku, ran WebPositve, clicked the bookmark, and it still loaded the Desktop version.

It’s a known issue. Seems like a lot of websites are beginning to see WebPositive as a mobile browser. It has something to do with what browser features we support.