Is there any Haiku runner for github?

Hi all,
I managed to port one of my software (C++/Qt/CMake based) on Haiku with just a compilation :smiley: I’m really impressed :smiley:

Now I’d like to ask if is there any way to get automatic builds each time I commit some changes on my github repository. I’ve configured this to autobuild for windows, linux and macos, but I haven’t found anything for Haiku (I mean as a self-hosted runner).

Is there any user that provide this kind of support?

Thanks and congrats for this nice os :slight_smile:

repo url as requested:


Congrats, but you forgot the screenshot and the link :frowning:

Updated the first post with a link to the repo and a screenshot. I haven’t posted it ealries because I was thinking that there wasn’t any interest in it ahah. It is basically a tool to mod your own dumped Nintendo DS games (no games are included of course).

The TabView looks like using the Fusion Qt theme. Could you please change it to use the system theme?

Sadly I noticed that removing the Fusion theme would corrupt the GUI on macOS :frowning:
That’s why I forced Fusion theme.

Maybe something along the line? :slight_smile:

#if defined(__WE_ARE_ON_MAC__)
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This should fix the issue yes :slight_smile:
I’ll update it soon. The only downside is that the app will look different on macOS.
thank you

There is currently no official support for this. I don’t know i some users have managed to do something like it and could share their work.

We could add it to haikuports (1), once merged out buildbot (2) will pick it up and build it so it comes available in our depot (3) :slight_smile:

  2. (replace x86_64 with x86_gcc2 for the check on 32bit)

Once it’s been build it can be Installed with either HaikuDepot (application) or pkgman (cli)

EDIT or you could add it, plenty of examples there on how the recipes use Qt :slight_smile:

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