Is there a way to boot a haiku from a usb and it loading everything into RAM?

Hello everyone!
I am looking to do something similar to puppy linux where is loads everything into ram and saves it onto the usb when you shut down your pc. Is there a way to do the same for Haiku on a usb?

What is your usecase for this? do you want to remove the medium in the meantime?

I don’t think there currently is a way to do this.

Currently haiku will load packages and such from the medium and have it available “virtually”, since the packages themselves are compressed on the medium. However they still are accessed from the disk during runtime.

Well when everything is ram, its just faster. From the linux distros i have tried this on its just faster

Nothing exists byt this thred playd with script an ramdisk.


We do not use linux. Haiku has small packages compared to linux distributions, and once stuff is loaded in cache and enough memory remains it will remain there.

Why not try it as it is now?