Is there a VPN available for Haiku?

Are there any VPNs that can be used with Haiku OS? I use NORD VPN with my Windows machine but happy to hear if there is anyone out there developing a VPN to suit Haiku. Thanks.

There is no TUN/TAP driver so VPN clients are currently impossible unfortunately.

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I think Tor works through standard environment variables, but it’s not “a VPN” as such?

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Thanks guys.

I haven’t tried on Haiku but you can typically use openssh to create a Sox HTTP proxy… which can serve some of the use cases of a VPN.

I think you can use ssh + ppp to create a vpn also without tun/tap.

SSH and PPP would let you establish a connection, but the tun/tap would let all data route through it, if I’m not mistaken

With ssh you can set port redirection rules which allows to do some things. It is not as generic, transparent and easy to use as tun/tap, but it allows to do some things, at least.

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I’ve noticed that the Haiku source has mention of a TUN network device here

Does Haiku now support VPNs, or still a work in progress? I couldn’t find any .cpp files referencing TUN.

It is still incomplete and not yet ready for its prime time.
The actual driver is :

I got an Asus RT-AC52U wlan router for about 35 EUR a few years back that allows setting a VPN service for all communication. It may not be the fastest box, but it was cheap and I have such crappy DSL speed, that it seems capable to keep up…
Big advantage of such a hardware solution is of course, that all OSs on all connected devices use the VPN. Configure once, working for all.

Neat! I’d like to test it with OpenVPN, if it would be compatible.
So how does this process work? The review is from April 2019, the Change-Id link shows a page with an empty table, but I don’t see the code in the Git tree
Does someone need to review the changes, and how is that done before it’s added?



Your homework to check if it is included in the Haiku hpkg or not.

Right, it was one level deeper, I missed that :slight_smile:. I’ll take a look at my Haiku installation and see if it’s there.

why not just buy a vpn router and encryot all of your traffic into a vpn ??? if this is a home use situation.

My use case is for professional use, not some typical “gotta hide my crap” mindset.