Is there a cd image of beta2?

the beta2 release notes mentions a cd image near the bottom, however i’m not aware of any such image. is it possible to fit beta2 onto a cd?

have you check here

yep, all the images listed are too large to fit on a cd. i was thinking something like the dev images where all the documentation and such are stripped away

Hey, the nightly images are about 500mib and are basically that stripped down version.

It is possible to build beta2 in the same way, though i am not aware of any such public images.

In fact it is not possible for legal reasons.

The beta2 image is widely distributed (on download mirrors, on physical DVDs, etc). It includes some GPL licensed code. The GPL license requires anyone distributing GPL software to offer the sourcecode through the same way for at least 5 years.

In order to keep things simple, the easiest thing to do is to bundle the sourcecode inside the disc image. Unfortunately, this means it does not fit on a CD anymore.

For nightlies, there is no distribution on physical media or on mirrors, so the only way to get them is from our website, where you can also easily find the sourcecode. So we are able to distribute the nightlies without the sourcecode included, making them smaller.

You can create your own CD image from the beta2 sources if you want to (adjusting the build configuation to include exactly what you want). Normally, if you do that, you wouldn’t be allowed to use the Haiku trademark in your customized image (by default the image will be built without the Haiku logo and name). Or, indeed, just use a nightly build, that’s probably the simpler thing to do.