Is no one else having trouble with the Forum?

For a couple of weeks it’s been almost impossible for me to post anything here. I’ve been using Qupzilla because it’s the only (Haiku) browser that gives me the icons at top right of the window.

It always used to give me my input text and the formatted output side by side, and I could scroll each as necessary. Suddenly it’s been putting the output under the input, with no scrolling! As soon as I put in anything that takes substantial space, the Submit and Cancel buttons disappear off the bottom. I have to make the window many times larger than the screen to get to them again!

I finally reset my (forgotten!) password so that I can get in via WebPositive, but I just have different problems. Input and output are once again side by side, and the buttons are safely visible on-screen, but I don’t have any bold/italic/emoji buttons visible (as well as the missing icons at top right, next to my own ID icon).

And another major problem – when I was trying to get Qupzilla working again, I tried to edit one of my earlier posts, and thought I was able to cancel it, but every time I go to that topic, it brings up my editing session again! Hitting Cancel seems to work (with confirmation), but next time it’s back again! This is happeniong in both QZ and WP.

Any chance of getting QupZilla back to usability? (And getting rid of that damn edit session…)

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Maybe it’s your QupZilla version, here it looks fine with qupzilla_x86-1.8.9-9-x86_gcc2.hpkg:

WRT old comment session being un-cancellable, I’ve seen that too in the past. Best not to revisit a thread… :grin:

Is somehow sad that haiku’s own browser can not properly display the haiku page

It works with the current WebKit version, which did not ship yet for x86_64. Or at least I don’t see any problems.

For the missing icons in Web+, installing the FontAwesome font fixes some of the problems.

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