Is it possible yet to run Haiku with VMware?

Getting that working with an internet connectivity would be an awesome development environment.

It could help development efforts by:

  1. Allowing other developers to see a reproducible bug. They could share their VMware images (VMPlayer is free).

  2. Ability to create multiple snapshots so one could recover quickly from any major problems during bootup after a change had been made to the system.

  3. A nice, general way of transferring someone’s work from one developer to the next in a pre-built way.

Do any of the core Haiku developers here know what has to be worked on still in order for an install into a VMware session to be feasible?



Ah, just found the VMware image.

Go to Google and type:

haiku vmware image

in the search box and it’s at the top of the list.

Great job guys! I am super-impressed at all of the hard work it has taken to get this far.

I guess the one big step left is to have Haiku self-hosting so that one could use a VMware image as a complete development environment.

Hi. I am testing Haiku on Qemu and its very slowly :slight_smile: I say that I install VMware Player becouse is freeware, (i dont like propiertary software, but what I do when Vmware is thats good) now i have problem How to run it… I find a VMXWizzard and its function. Haiku boot at 3second and its faaast its fastest than normal BeOS … Work with him is beautifull.