Is it possible to use pac proxy?

Is it possible to use Proxy-Auto configuration (pac files) under Haiku system wide or in any available browser?

No,Haiku doesn’t support system-wide proxys at all currently.
The built-in WebPositive browser supports proxys,but only HTTP (not SOCKS or anything else) and only with manual settings,not with PAC files.
Otter Browser,which is available in the HaikuDepot,supports PAC as well as all proxy types,maybe that’s the best choice for you,but beware that Otter has rendering issues with some too modern webpages.
Epiphany/Web doesn’t have graphical proxy settings and no support for PAC,but at least setting a proxy manually with ENV variables in the Terminal should work (haven’t tried it here yet,but it does on FreeBSD)

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Thank you for clear answer. I will try Otter browser, despite rendering problems. To be honest, WebPositive is far from ideal at modern web too.

The browser which works best with the modern web currently is Epiphany/GNOME Web which is based on WebKit2GTK :wink:

The one thing that bothered me when I hear something like “Epiphany/GNOME Web is works best for modern web in Haiku” is this: as far as I know there is a Falcon browser for Haiku (I cant test it myself, cause I have x86 machine and Falcon needs x86_64). Since I am a Linux user, I am
familiar with Falcon and GNOME Web, and Falcon must be much better. It is more faster, customisable, has its own extensions. On practice, It a little bit worse then PaleMoon at least. Is there any problems with Falcon on Haiku?

Yes there are, it crashes constantly to the point of beeing unusable.

I’ve used both browsers on linux and gotta say, alone for the adblocking api Webkit2 based browsers are much nicer to me.

I’d stay very very far away from palemoon.

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I am agree, there is no needs to use Palemoon if you have a decent PC. But on my laptop from year 2005 it is my go-to browser. Works acceptible.