Is it possible to run Linux binaries on Haiku?

Is it possible to run Linux binaries on Haiku?

There existing a WINE-port to Haiku, to run Windows programs on Haiku.

Other operating systems can start Linux binaries.
For example Windows 10 and 11 with WSL1 / WSL2 / WSLg.
BSDs like DragonFly BSD allows to run Linux-binaries on it.

Haiku have an X11 implementation. Which could help, to run Linux GUI programs on Haiku.

So, is it possible, to run Linux binaries on Haiku?

No. At this point there’s no linux emulation layer.
Note that, most of time, it isn’t possible to run linux binaries from a distribution on another. Even when you can do it, it’s not recommended.
Also most of software that you find on a linux distribution is open source so a good part can be ported to Haiku, as long as they are not tied to linux kernel. Maybe some that you’re looking for are already in HaikuDepot.


It may be possible to run some Linux binaries in BoxedWine. It has its own Linux syscalls implementation.


WSL on Windows is essentially a VM - in fact with the newest version you can install a full Linux distribution under Windows. It’s definitely not Windows itself supporting Linux binaries.

WSL 1 was a sys call translation layer, though. Basically like wine, but the other way around.

But yes, WSL 2 is a VM. And it is tightly integrated into the rest of Windows, e.g. for shared file system access.

Realistically, you would probably need to find a way to piggyback off of an existing Linux distro, to avoid having to package all the million different libraries that Linux applications depend on.

I believe FreeBSD does this.