Is it possible to create a updated USB installation of Haiku?


My question is in the title, I want to create an USB installer for Haiku cause I can’t connect my computer to the internet throug Haiku (I have tested differents ways for it but that’s not work) so I want create a full updated installer from a Virtualbox distribution. Is it possible?

It was always possible.

I have finally build a Virtual Machine and it work with network on Debian 10, I am happy about it.

With qemu virtual machine manager
I have follow the steps here:

Hi, I wrote the tutorial you just used. If you think there’s anything that can be improved or worked on, do let me know!

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Your tutorial is just fine. Haiku work well like it. No need an add for Debian and this is compatible with the 64bits version of Haiku that’s well done. Thanks.

Maybe a trick for improve performance about sound but I think that’s all. I think my Host distrib use Pulse audio.

I have a “bug” about network default is not activte
I must have to type in a Terminal:
$ sudo virsh net-start default

before starting the machine.