Is Haiku OS written in C++?

I may be thinking of making my own distribution so I wanted to ask if it is written in C++?

Check the language details on our github mirror:

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Since i dont like rtfm kind of answers :wink: (sorry phoudoin)
Yes haiku is mainly written in c++. Even a big part of the kernel is c++. (beside of the necessary assembly and c parts). This makes it much easier to understand and maintain.
It provides a good object-oriented API
(i know a lot of good programmer who stared learing programming with BeOS API since it was a charm and good documented)

If you want ot create a Distro of haiku please read through this manual: joy:


Sorry if my answer sounded like a RTFM one, wasn’t my intention.
My intention was to provide an answer that is based on current reality, not on what people may wrongly think or remember, me included.


Wasnt ment harsch also from my side :smiley:
I just also know how wrong this statics can be
e.g. for my project github says that its mainly written in HTML and 5 % Javascript…
only because i included the doxygen dokumentation :joy:
But it was 90 % C++ :smiley: