Is Haiku a Unix-like operating system?

Is Haiku a Unix-like operating system?

Even if Haiku is not Unix-like operating system is it possible to still mount the /home partition that I have setup?

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It is Unix-like but the filesystem layout is different and a /home you used for another Unix system will likely not work.

In fact here is what the POSIX spec says about a home directory:

" If no directory operand is given and the HOME environment variable is empty or undefined, the default behavior is implementation-defined and no further steps shall be taken." (

It may be more liberal than you expect if you are used to the much larger common feature set between Linux and BSD, for example.

Just curious in what ways is Haiku more liberal compared to other Unix-based/like operating systems?

And just curious does Haiku’s files/folders have space characters within folder names?

He was referring to the definition in the spec I believe… the definition of what is POSIX compatible is not very strict in many cases.


As Pulkomandy says, the filesystem implementation is quite different, but Haiku will recognize e.g. Linux ext4 partitions. I’m not sure what you mean by having a ‘/home’ set up, but if it’s in a Linux partition on your machine you can mount it and read it.

I would not recommend mounting ext4 Read/Write, though! I used to habitually do that on my machine until one day a write failed and bricked the entire Linux system! I recovered eventually, but now my Linux mounts are Read-only…

There you go, the way I read the question, it’s just “can Haiku mount it and read it”, not necessarily “can it serve as my home directory.” And for sure, if it’s ext4 and Haiku can read it, I’d count my blessings and not try to write to it.