Is besly repo down?

@lelldorin and anyone else aware of.

Is down? I am actually trying to find Lbackup to evaluate it. Does it run on 64bit?

Thanks in advance.

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I can ping, but the http server seems to be down.

It is working. I’m looking today what the problem is.
Please try again.

Yes it is available on booth architectures


64bit repo is not available

At some point I was able to access the site. Then I added the 64bit repo to pkgman. When trying to install lbackup it hangs both from Haiku Depot and from the terminal.

Btw, the reason I want to try it is because I need a backup app that handles befs file attributes.
I was using Lucky backup until now which works very well but does not handle file attributes as far as I can tell.

LuckyBackup can do that if your target disk is BFS.
At least it works ok for me.
Sorry, i am away from my desktop computer, so cant show you my settings.

It looks like there are problems with wget and curl on haiku.

You can take the program from the side directly fromthe listing.

Thanks, will try that then.

Yes, I am using bfs in backup disk. Will investigate the settings. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please share your settings when you have the time to check them? I suppose that something in “Command Options” could help…

I am far away from the desktop, but i can try to replicate my settings on my laptop during the weekend.
(Hope i did not said something stupid here, afaik i have checked and have seen the attributes on the target disk. I assume rsync transports the attribs too. I don’t remember to anything special setting.)

Let me be specific because maybe I am the one missing something :slight_smile:

Backup through LuckyBackup (rsync) didn’t seem to maintain tracker folder/file icon positions that I had manually changed. For some of them (like pictures) I had spent a good amount of time to achieve the spatial view I wanted !
I assumed that this information was saved as file attributes and thus I concluded that these were missing from backup. But I don’t really know, so maybe my conclusion was totally wrong :frowning:
Do you know where that info is saved?

Lbackup stores files as zip file, here all should be saved.

Try to copy the file to s non bfs harddisk, copy back and decompress.

The Repo isn’t down. I updated some things on the Server and it runs better.