Is anyone else having trouble updating?


My current build here is hrev51724 (x86_gcc2). Looks like the main repo is unavailable, both via SoftwareUpdater and pkgman update. Anyone have ideas why? When I’m trying to access the repo url with WebPositive it says that SSL certificate is expired.

In addition, I installed fresh x86_64 hrev (from Jan 4) on another PC and it showed the same error with main Haiku repository.




Should be fixed by now.


Checking it just now and SoftwareUpdater is not prompting for any system updates, only app updates and I am currently on hrev51727.


hrev51727 is the latest revision currently.


Okay, you obviously know the Haiku (projects) ins and outs WAY more than me… can you elaborate on the difference between the latest hrevs here: and what’s available via a system update? I don’t guess I have paid much attention in the past. Of course I use to only update my nightly install about once a month. However, I have been updating more frequently as of late.


Actually, I was wrong. Updates don’t work for me either. Latest can be seen here


The buildbot still builds nightlies, but the hook to trigger repository build is disabled since the git repository move to Gerrit. The Github sync is also disabled.


Opened a ticket to track this:


Opened one for Github: