Is anyone else having trouble downloading QupZilla via HaikuDepot?

I’m on version “Walter (Revision hrev49850)”. In other words, the Nightly build from 11/17/15.
I’m trying to download QupZilla, but when I click Install, an error pops up that says:

nothing provides lib:libcrypto_x86>=1.0.2d needed by libqt4_x86-4.8.7-4

I am given two options:

solution 1: -do not install "providing qupzilla_x86"
ignore problem now

Is anyone else having this issue?

Yes, libqt4_x86 package needs to be rebuilt. There is a workaround though that I use. Simply extract files from this package with:

package extract libqt4_x86-4.8.7-4-x86_gcc2.hpkg

and change requires section of .PackageInfo file to look something like this:
lib:libcrypto_x86 >= 1.0.2d
lib:libssl_x86 >= 1.0.2d
and then package it back with:

package create -C libqt4 libqt4_x86-4.8.7-4-x86_gcc2.hpkg

with libqt4 being a folder where you extracted the package. Then copy libqt4_x86-4.8.7-4-x86_gcc2.hpkg to /system/packages.
This is just a stopgap until someone rebuilds it and uploads it to HaikuPorts repo.

Is there a track ticket we can watch to see when this issue is resolved?

requires: lib:libcrypto_x86>=1.0.2d
requires: lib:libssl_x86>=1.0.2d

Everything looks fine there. Should I just clear everything under requires?

I downloaded the libqt4_x86 package from the HaikuDepot website, ran the terminal command, edited the .PackageInfo, repackaged the folder, and put it in /boot/system/packages. Still getting the same error.

(quadruple post, sorry, my internet was acting up)

Check that requires are correct via:

package list -i /system/packages/libqt4_x86-4.8.7-4-x86_gcc2.hpkg | grep requires

Looks fine indeed. Are you sure you’re getting the same error from libqt4 package and not from something else?

Yes, but not from installing QupZilla. Putting the patched package in the system/packages/ folder brings up the error, and the only pickable choice is to not enable the package. I can’t delete it because I get an error saying it’s a system file and Haiku won’t boot without it.

Nevermind, I found the solution. Put the patched package in the folder, get error. Restart. Install QupZilla. Restart. Then it was usable. Thanks for the help!

The requires are actually not correct. There is no 1.0.2d version of libcrypto and libssl. There is an 1.0.2d version of the OpenSSL package, which has these two libs in version 1.0.0.

Why is it so? Because the versionning of the package is arbitrary and follows whatever convention the upstream project uses, whereas the library require/provides must follow the library versionning, which has strict rules as to when to update the number, making it possible to know if two libraries are binary compatible or not.

The world would be much simpler if the package version matched the library version, but for OpenSSL, it doesn't.

What’s the way forward? Do we need to file a ticket?

There isn’t really an issue on Haiku side, it’s just that the Qupzilla package needs to be rebuilt against the fixed OpenSSL package. This is the kind of thing the “Kitchen” automated package build system is supposed to handle.

You would have to find one developer who feels responsible for the Qupzilla package and has time to rebuild and reupload it. I don't remember who handled the previous versions. Maybe we could also switch Qupzilla to the Qt5 version while doing this.

This leves HAIKU broken. Haiku is an operating system. if it can’t run software it is broken. This should be of high priority to the devs as it is stopping users from testing the rest of the OS, and therefore should be considered a problem with HAIKU. A ticket is appropriate to focus the devs on an issue that is this important.

The OS works fine, there is just a problem with one package which isn’t required to run anything else. It can run everything except one app, and a way to fix the packet manually was already posted here (I’m sure someone could upload the fixed packet).

There is nothing to fix in Haiku to get this running. The guy doing Qupzilla builds should just run haikuporter and upload the package. That's it. Not a single line of code to change. What can Haiku devs do, then?

According to today’s conversation on IRC, this is indeed a Haiku problem in how we name and find libs. This hack is not the proper way to fix the issue. If you have qt4 and qupzilla running, I strongly suggest not updating Haiku until this issue has been resolved properly.

as of hrev49884 this issue has been resolved, and there is no need to re-package qupzilla or libqt4.