Is 64 bits the near future?

Presently I am still writing my programs for 32 bit Haiku. When I try to program for 64 bit Haiku I find my simpler programs are compiling okay, but some of my more complex programs are having problems being compiled.

Most of those programs are ones I tried to port to Haiku, so I don’t in-fact understand all the code, so I know the error is in myself.

What I want to know is how much time do I have till Haiku stops supporting 32 bit code, I expect to be good for the next year, but how much longer afterwards before this old man will have to bit the bullet and learn 64 bit coding.

R1 will still support BeOS apps so it will be 32 bit. We don’t currently plan to make the 64bit version of Haiku official until it can also run 32bit apps for legacy compatibility.
So, you should be safe for a few more years.