IPV6 not disabled for PING or DNS?

My connection is currently on a double NAT. So while my external modem has ipv6, I get no external IPV6 inside the network. Local area network works fine on other (Mac, BSD, Linux) machines in both ipv4 & IPv6)

IPV6 is supposedly disabled in prefs but ping tries to use IPv6 unless I force it.

Any suggestion?

I think it is a regression caused by the recent update to ping? (well, not really a regression, it didn’t support IPv6 at all before).

Sicne there is no IPv6 addresses on your interfaces, if ping calls getaddrinfo with the appropriate flags to do DNS resolution (AI_ADDRCONFIG), it should not get an IPv6 address in return. But it looks like the new version of ping does not do this by default?

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