EDIT: aaaand I can see you’re already on it!

Getting no wired/wireless IPv4 address anymore in the nightlies (hrev49321). There’s the usual configuring notification but after that nothing. This has been the case for at least a week or so.

        Hardware type: Ethernet, Address: 00:13:02:31:54:0b
        Network: solbakka1, Address: bc:ee:7b:6b:07:74, WPA2, PSK/CCMP
        inet addr: --, Bcast: --, Mask: --
        MTU: 1500, Metric: 0, up broadcast link configuring
        Receive: 4872 packets, 0 errors, 1646414 bytes, 0 mcasts, 0 dropped
        Transmit: 4829 packets, 0 errors, 1511129 bytes, 0 mcasts, 0 dropped
        Collisions: 0

Possibly ticket 12208?

Was fixed for a short while (later hrev493xx series) but broken again in the nightlies (right now hrev49417)

hrev49293 http://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/12156

hrev49292 - work fine!