Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop

Probably my next non-Apple laptop. I would love to see Framework as a stable Haiku target as well.


I very much like the concept, but it’s a no-go for me for all the outside stuff: no button on the touchpad, chiclet keyboard with a lot of missing keys, not enough ports…


You might like the framework 16 more

Does anyone have expierience with haiku on framework, if so which gen , intel or amd?

There is a thread on the subject on the Framework forum - a “discourse” like this here. It might be worthwhile giving it a “bump” to find the experience of Framework owners running Haiku.

I also think that the older motherboard options might be more compatible becasue the new ones have 'big / little" cores like what Apple does. Perhaps there are some upgraders who are offering for sale older motherboards, these can be installed into aftermarket “desktop” housings (available in the Framework scene), and used for optimising Haiku for this line of computers.

One user (moparisthebest) over the IRC channel got an AMD based Framework recently (Ryzen 7840U, 64gb DDR5). Apparently, they can’t make Haiku boot on it yet (but I have no details on what they tried… beta4 vs nightlies, etc).

And I’ve seen @kallisti5 mention CPU speed issues with Intel based Frameworks on Haiku. Maybe he can chime in.

Yes I’ve followed the news with interest, some things are definitely on my want-list, and being able to replace the keyboard is awesome, though I’m not sure I can fit a retro ThinkPad one in there.
Anyway, it’s outside of my budget for now.

That one was fixed a little while ago. :partying_face:

I still have the 11th gen Intel mainboard in mine. I should probably upgrade to the AMD one… but the cost is a big lift at the moment.

One of the posters is actually the CEO and the founder of the company (nrp) if I’m not mistaken… Alas, he could not boot it as well.

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Perhaps it would be helpful to have an article on Haiku front page (with the monthly activity reports) about the work done to customisation of haiku to the Framework hardware? I understand it would have been quite a leap for us because the USB 3 and stuff like that (IIRC), and a story that many of us would wish to read about. But such a deep dive would also show our intent when it comes to supporting this computer.

I cannot claim credit for that idea. Our friends over at Genode have a post on Genodians about tweaking Sculpt for the Framework. Incidentally the same post also discusses a port to the Reform laptop, maybe this is hardware Haiku should also target?

USB3 support is available for several years now, what do you mean by “quite a leap”?

Also, why would this hardware need customizations? It should work just like any other PC compatible computer and pe nothing special…

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I think it would send out a strong statement of intent that this is hardware that will be supported going forward.

I do take onboard what you are saying regarding it being “just another IBM compatible”, however I think we should be making effort to hammer home to anyone who stumbles across here that Haiku is not something to play a few minutes in a virtual machine but a proper operating system to run on bare metal. The occasional walk-through of installations on typical hardware may help jog people’s memory as to that old computer gathering dust in the bottom drawer…

Speaking of which, I think there should be an official guide for installing on Mac, as this is something that I hive not managed to achieve, and there are loads of these intel based machines out there starting to reach end of official updates. Currently Mac installation is addressed around this forum but not in one place.

A perfect opportunity for someone owning the hardware to put it all together and create a PR for the website.


But, is the intent actually here? I’m not aware of any specific efforts for this machine. It just qappens that one dev uses it and is trying to fix some problems. Toatws probably also the case for many other machines.

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I’m definitely a little late to the party with this one, but does anyone have any experience with the Ryzen Frameworks? (I’m eyeing one up and would love to try upping my game with a native Haiku install.) From what I can tell the focus of this discussion has been on the Intel models so far.