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Since some time, I am working on a replacement of our current shell script based boot process to something more flexible, a similar solution to Apple’s launchd, and Linux’s systemd.

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Hi All
The link to the wiki page is broken, can someone please fix it?.


The correct link seems to be this one:


Thanks for pointing me to it, i didn’t know where to look.


Thanks for the hint, I changed the link.
If you want to make sure these kind of changes aren’t forgotten, create a ticket on Haiku’s bugtracker, component “Website”.


You 're right humdinger, sorry about that, will do next time.


No problem. With website issues, people can even create a PR at It’s a nice way to become involved, even for total git-newbies, and at the same time save work for others, as they just have to approve the PR. :slight_smile: