Introducing (Haiku) MAX wallpaper pack

With the 20th birthday of Dano (2001-2021) this week, I’ve decided to introduce the first edition of the Max pack for Haiku; the design is inspired by the emoji from the forum
:m: :a: :x:

This is the start of a fun wallpaper pack for Haiku that I hope will grow over time (like the holidays); for now, it’s just these wallpapers inspired by BeO5 MAX that you can download and use – there’s other Be/Haiku-related stuff that I’m working on like some remakes of old UIs for fun and history, “Haiku on Mac” images, and more – so be looking for some more stuff on the forum from me over the next few days to celebrate Dano’s 20th! :cake: :smiley:






Others in the community are definitely welcome to share wallpapers or backgrounds in this thread too, let’s have some fun together :smiley:


Great work, but who downloads wallpaper packs nowadays?

Great work! Maybe see if you can try and package these (as well as the BeOS Dano wallpapers) so they’re available on HaikuDepot?

I still do, I like a good ATI/AMD wallpaper every now and then.

tbh no one but I thought I’d do something special to celebrate it :smiley: I guess it’s more like a special edition thing people can collect and keep as fan-made art I guess

Created an album where I put some of the collected wallpapers from the past a while back :slight_smile:
One of them …