Intriguing x86 SBC for Haiku

I came across this board on a Youtube channel I follow. Seems like a great fit for Haiku, lots of expansion potential (think Geek Port), reasonable pricing, etc. You folks with hardware knowledge of what Haiku currently supports, please add your thoughts if this board seems like a good fit.


I know not everyone is into suggestions of SoCs and system boards, but I like this idea :slight_smile: I really do think Haiku could use a “LeafBox” (homage to the BeBox) or something similar to really tote its capabilities, even if it’s a third party thing and not official. Gotta say it seems it was the foray of Google Chromebooks, System76, (and for the privacy conscious) in the GNU/Linux world that really helped give it a space in the marketplace. Definitely could see where Haiku could benefit from this as well…

Geekport was a flop even when Be was in bussiness… ideally you should just be able to plug in an Arduino to do that sort of stuff and talk to it via serial.

If you need much of anything faster than that you should be making a PCIe card.

This board has an Arduino co-processor and header and a Raspberry Pi compatible header. It can take a SIM card. It’s pretty cool for under $200.

But that should be a complete computer, not a SoC board. Haiku is an operating system for personal computers. Not for SoC boards.


Presumably, it would at least have a 3D printed enclosure should it ever exist.

On that note, does Haiku support any 3D printing hardware or software?

@3dEyes ported something, if i remember correctly.