Interview on The Lunduke Journal

Heya good Haiku nerds!

Would be great to get someone from Haiku on an upcoming episode of The Lunduke Journal podcast to talk about all things Haiku. The most recent release, some of the new software available, the progress made recently, future plans… all of it.

I’ve had Waddlesplash on a few times over the years, and he’s always done a great job of representing Haiku. But I figured I would toss this over to the Marketing folks within Haiku to figure out. :wink:

Just let me know and we can set something up! (This would be audio only.)

Thanks, and keep up the great work!



Not peekin’ in since 2 years ?.. 8-j
Ayye, were we too harsh last time - at blockchain donation plan offering ? :))

Aisumasen, Lunduke san …

(If I were a light-fingered graphic or a Photoshop mage you could see a deeply bowed man HERE in yukata and on his back a small Haiku logo …
Unfotunately I am not so type of gifted one and I do not gorge with alien feathers, so with little help of an available AI … to look so … :j )

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Is there a marketing or press team working on Haiku right now? Or, if not, is there a singular person I should contact?

This is a great idea. There are some people nominated as marketing/press. I expect they will speak up shortly…


Regarding your question about the interview, you mention you want someone to “talk about all things Haiku”, which would probably entail interviewing one of the developers actively involved with Haiku. We don’t really manage representatives or really deal with the press as Haiku isn’t structured that way, so you’ll need to find and approach someone individually and ask whether they’d like to and are comfortable with doing an interview with you.

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Release notes include @waddlesplash as the English press contact, so it would seem he is the person of contact after all. There are people I think would do a great podcast here, but I wouldn’t want to point names, and put them on the spot in a sense.

I had duck down on Haiku site and came up with following URL in my neb for you :

The Haiku Promotion Team - leading by jt15s