Internet Apps

I installed BePodder and BWeather from Haikuware on Alpha3 and both programs function properly, but for connecting to the internet.
I also installed Friss with

installoptionalpackage -a friss

It does connect to the rss feeds that I have added to it.

I was wondering if I needed to start an http network service to get BePodder and BWeather to connect.


I don’t know if this is related to the above, but it is a connectivity issue.
I haveto boot twice for a network connection. The first time I boot there is no network connection. Then I reboot and there is a network connection.

Are you connecting wirelessly or with an ethernet cable?

I have wired connection.

I’ve learned that BWeather was broken when NOAA changed their metar decoding or something else about accessing data on their feed.

BePodder became opensource just in time to not work anmore.

I am getting podcasts and weather feeds with Friss, a very nice app.

I am curious about the network not connecting on first boot, though.