IntelR wifilink 5100 agn/Marvell Yukon 88e8040t Can't connect

IntelR wifilink 5100 agn/Marvell Yukon 88e8040t
Can’t connect


Sorry for my bad english :confused:
I have a problem connection on a Satellite Toshiba.
I reading lot of things & I thinks that no possibility for network run.
But I wan expert regard & try a little chance… obscurs drivers or shamanic solution ^^

So I have error message at boot haiku: info on the driver iprowifi4965.
I taping “exit”

autoconfig network say i have no link connection for ethernet and wifi not present.

I reading all topics on wifi & ethernet but no find solution for me, modest user.

Now I just wan know if a solution existe, or if not… just change material network by a Haiku listed.

Thx for this great OS!

Did you you try a recent nightly?
You could also try hrev43740 which contained a previous version of iprowifi4965 driver.
Also check Trac:!closed&component=Drivers%2FNetwork%2Fiprowifi4965

Yes I try lot of reccent nightly build but with the same effect. Trying install firmware, wpa_supplicant… But nothing change. No wireless detected & no ethernet link network…
Wireless ok with Virtualbox & the iprowifi100 emulation.

I dont know why the hrev43740, but I try it & no more chance to me.

Ho, true, I not realy searh in the dev haiku topic. Maybe I miss a info for this. Thx.

I put a bad picture of my error message, if some can explain me.
“Sorry I dont know doing capture by the terminal debug”.

Please create a ticket about this problem at and attach your syslog and this image to the ticket.

Also try to rename iprowifi4965 driver (just open /system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin folder and rename iprowifi4965 to iprowifi4965.disabled) and see if you have ethernet recognized. BTW, you don’t need to install wpa_supplicant in the recent nightlies as it’s installed by default.

I cant rename the drivers because my usb boot disk is read only. I dont know change permission with Haiku… I will search for do it… & test.

I know for wpa_supplicant & the nightlies, Thank remember me.

I go on dev forum for post my syslog & image.


If you wan take a look:

How do you know that it is read only? Check again, as you should be able to delete/rename any file from usb once you boot to Haiku.

Because it is. OS say me. But no problemo. Reinstalled last nightly with usb disk read/write & renamed the iprowifi4965 in iprowifi4965.disable

Like I say in the ticket:
No more PANIC boot, but no more driver detected to… :confused:

And my Marvell_Yukon ethernet cable is PCI-E: I remember read PCI-E not supported by Haiku.
No second chance for me’

Dunno where you got this information, but PCI-E is supported, it’s just that marvell_yukon driver can’t attach to your hardware for some reason. Maybe both problems are related. Anyway let’s continue in the ticket.