Intel Pro 1000 driver regression?

I updated Haiku yesterday, everything seemed to go well. I think the update was to hrev53538, according to the logs I was able to retrieve (fortunately Linux can read BeFS). I rebooted, and the kernel gets passed the icons at the bottom, but before the desktop appears, a stack trace does. It says the net_server crashed, it says illegal access of memory at some address, and references ipp_1000, which I think is for my Intel Pro 1000 network card. In Linux, the network connection manager shows a I210 and I219-V (it’s two on-board NICs on my ASRock motherboard). If it’s useful for anyone, I can reboot and take a picture of the stack trace.

Assuming a future update resolves the issue, how could I apply a fix and get back up and running without having to do a reinstall?

You can boot older versions of your install, for this you need to access the early boot menu by holding or pressing repeatedly either shift or space during boot.

In the boot menu, use the “select boot volume” menu and then select your boot disk, a list of previous revisions will appear and you can pick one of the previous ones to boot in the state before the update. From there you can update again to fix your system.

A screenshot of the exact error, and a syslog if you can get one, would be useful to debug this. Please attach them to a ticket at

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Thanks for your help. I had forgotten about the ability to go back to prior versions.
The crash and stack trace is shown below.

Seems I wasn’t the only one with the issue. An earlier ticket was for the same issue and @waddlesplash is already working on it.

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I tried to boot from a prior state, but the option “Continue booting” is greyed out with every option except “Latest state”, which doesn’t work on my machine. How should I proceed? Will I have to reinstall?


I figured it out. I was able to parse out the paths I needed for the required packages from, put the files on a USB thumb drive, boot Haiku into Safe Mode, install packages, and reboot. Now I have a working install again!

Or you could have just upgraded; I fixed the bug. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t upgrade: boot from prior states didn’t work, normal boot had the kernel crash, and safe mode doesn’t have networking. What am I missing? A simpler option would have been nice.

You could have just blacklisted the ipro1000 driver and used WiFi, or if you don’t have WiFi, copy over an ipro1000 driver from an older revision into non-packaged.

The prior-states seems to be a bug indeed, and there’s now a ticket for it. We should get that fixed before beta2.

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