Intel or Nvidia?

which one has better compatibility to use on real hardware?

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We don’t have drivers for any nvidia card from the last 15 years at least. So I’d say Intel.

On the other hand, we do have a driver for Intel, but support for the latest devices isn’t great and it may get you into a black screen.

In either case, you can fall back to VESA or Framebuffer, which has no performance impact (since we don’t have any graphics acceleration), the only limitation is that you may not be able to get the native video mode of your display then (we can’t do much about it, we are relying on the BIOS of your computer to do the right thing there).

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well my device is pretty old too
it’s a sandy bridge cpu with intel hd 3000 igpu and nvidia gt 520mx
but thanks i’ll go with intel

@ Pulkomandy:-

I’ve kinda been wondering about this one myself. I’ve got things set to ‘1920 x 1080’ in 'Preferences>Screen (which made a big difference to appearance; I hadn’t realised it was set to 1024 x 768 by default).

But every time I try to set an image of the correct dimensions as wallpaper, it seems to ‘stretch’ to a good way PAST the borders of the screen. Is this a known ‘feature/drawback’ of VESA?

I have an Nvidia GT710 fanless; internal GPU is an Intel UHD 630, built-in to a Pentium Gold G5400. I’m happy with the general appearance now; it’s just the behaviour of the background desktop wallpaper I find a bit mystifying…!

Mike. :wink:

Have you checked the Background preflet? You can set the wallpaper to be tiled/scaled/stretched there.

There’s no stretch (scaling with distortion) . Only manual placing/scaled and tiled.
When set to scaled, if the picture has not the correct dimensions, it crops a part of the picture to make sure there’s no borders. You can see that by scaling Haiku logo.

I’d like to also have the choice to have it scaled and keep the borders. If you have a family picture you don’t want people beheaded :grin:

If your picture has the right dimensions and it happens then it is probably that your workspace is set to something bigger than your screen. You can verify that by moving the deskbar around to each corner and seeing if it is also cropped.

@ all:-

The issue seems to have resolved itself. I’ve made up a custom background in Puppy, of the correct dimensions - 1920x1080 - and with the ‘Scaled’ option, it fits perfectly. No overlapping!

Mike. :wink: