Intel Graphics Drivers & OpenGL!

Excuse the ignorance, but the specifications of Intel GPUs are open? And if it is, exist drivers for HaikuOS that support 100% OpenGL? If it isn´t open, exist negotiations being made ​​to know how much would cost implementations of these drivers with Intel? Is There interest in this to occur?

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WE have a mesa port that is up to date with Gallium3d also… However we do not have any hardware drivers currently unless you Consider LLVMpipe one… it runs on multiple CPUs fast enough to play minecraft on an i7 IVB laptop.

There is interest among users… the developers don’t seem too interested in actually working on it as most of them have thier own more pressing projects within Haiku. There is a bounty which is still partially available I think… but noone has started implementing hardware drivers that I know of.

kallisti5 has done the most work on OpenGL recently… and he has focused more on radeon hardware so it is likely that writing a radeon hardware 3d driver would be the easiest right now.

Also note that Intel’s open source drivers are not gallium3d drivers so… that might make it more difficult to use them. Google does have a gallium3d driver for intel graphics but it is not as performant as the official one.

intel’s lent coders to the gallium3d project. once hardware rendering is achieved by some means the first time, it should get easier to drive other cards, if i’m understanding properly how gallium works.

Perhaps they did that doesn’t change the fact that the open source intel driver doesn’t use it… It uses classic mesa.

Either Nvidia or the Radeon driver are more likely candidates. And like I said there is an unofficial gallium3d intel driver written by other companies that needed one.

what i’m saying is, gallium’s intel driver has intel support. it’s not The open source intel driver, but that counts for something (also, gallium’s had some crazy speed increases over the past year)


What’s this business of running MineCraft on Haiku? Is this hypothetical or is it happening? Also, anyone know which version of MESA, Gallium, OpenGL are on Haiku? I am updating documentation, thanks!

I don’t think it’s very relevant… but from hrev56030. ATI Radeon RX 460 works. using a DVI output to DVI input on my intel machine (core i7 3770) and it works. When i can i will use the sd card to boot from my other amd machines to view if my RX 580 and my integrated GPU (Ryzen 5 3400G/ Vega 11) Works OOB.

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